There's going to be a lot of buzz about the new Beetronics Octahive V2 High-Octave Fuzz pedal

(Image credit: Beetronics)

Beetronics never let us down on two fronts; its pedals always look great, and they bring something different to the table. Can they deliver with an update of a '70s-inspired fuzz pedal in the shape of the Octahive v2?

The new version looks great and we know the original was a strong and relatively simple circuit – especially compared to the company's previous Seabee pedal. The new pedal has two switchable modes with Buzzz and Octave. The former offers "ferocious high-gain fuzz for powerful chords",  while Octave mode "takes you on a mind-bending psychedelic journey" that sounds very much in keeping with the Beetronics reputation.

You can switch between the two modes with a quick double tap and also customise the momentary switching speed with three footswitch profiles.

It will retail for $199 / £215. More info at Beetronics

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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