The Theremotion is an open-source instrument that reinvents the Theremin

We're all acquainted with the theremin, the instrument that's controlled using a performer's hand movements in mid-air, lending its eerie tones to a thousand movie soundtracks and even a Led Zeppelin song.

What you may have heard of, is the Theremotion, a new DIY instrument from developer Pierre Lulé. Similar to a traditional theremin, the instrument's pitch and volume is determined by the location of the performer's hand in the air above the device. 

However, the Theremotion is capable of far more sophisticated gestural control than the OG theremin, thanks to the use of the Leap Motion Controller, an optical hand-tracking module that's able to map individual finger movements and complex hand gestures. 

By using specific hand positions, players can control the instrument's filter, introduce new timbres, or play chords. The player's also able to make the instrument stick to a chosen scale, making the Theremotion easier to play than a conventional theremin. 

Theremotion is a open-source project and can be downloaded for free from GitHub. However, you'll need a Leap Motion Controller and a compatible PC to get started. 


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