The winner of the new Andertons blind reverb pedal shootout is not surprising

Strymon BlueSky reverb pedal
(Image credit: Strymon)

Reverb pedals… is the search ever over? Why are we even looking for more? Surely it's not complicated. The problem for many players is there's always something better out there, whatever that really means. Andertons' blind tests can do a great job of making us feel better about the 'more expensive isn't always better' argument, and also throwing in some surprises. But that's not so much the case on the latter front with Lee Anderton and Danish Pete's latest shootout.

For this writer, the Universal Audio UAFX Golden Reverberator is the reverb pedal to beat after you've downloaded its bonus models – the new UA Del-Verb that uses its three best algorithms proves it again – and it comes in just behind the Strymon BlueSky by winning one of the three rounds Andertons judge these pedals on. These are divided into categories of plate reverb (won by the BlueSky), spring (won by UA) and hall (won by Strymon). The pricier Source Audio Ventris and £535 (yes it's pricey!) Neuaber Illumine are both strong choices, but fail to win a round.  

Just like Tom Bukovac's recent overdrive pedal shootout, and indeed Andertons' previous one on klones, blind tests are always fascinating things as it's focussed the player's perception on what matters; the sound. "It just makes the guitar tone sound better," notes Lee regarding the BlueSky. That's a great recommendation in itself! 

Check the video out above, and you can order the pedals over at Andertons if any take your fancy. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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