The Twisted Electrons TherapKid chiptune synth offers the best of both SID chipset worlds

Twisted Electrons has added another member to its ever-growing roster of desktop synths with the TherapKid, a smaller sibling to the larger TherapSid.

TherapKid features the combined filtering character of both the first and last generation of SID chipsets (6581 and 8580), with the 6581’s grittiness and the 8580’s strong resonance both present.

The synth includes mono and duophonic modes, which make the machine’s two-voice, four-oscillator architecture perfect for creating chords and drones.

With duophonic mode enabled you can play two notes at once, while the monophonic mode allows you to detune them, but then you can detune each of the oscillators creating chords and drones.

TherapKid’s wavetables are all 8-bit, while processing occurs at 32-bit/96MHz, with a 16-bit output DAC with oversampling and filtering. So you’re effectively getting the lo-fi retro sound, with plenty of headroom.

The synth is priced at €255 and available for preorder on the Twisted Electrons website.

TherapKid features

  • Set the volume of the eight waveforms independently*
  • Tune each of the 8 waveforms independently (chords, drones!)*
  • Sine wave for pure tones and deep sub bass*
  • Muti-mode arpeggiator
  • Ring modulator
  • Duophonic or monophonic modes
  • Hybrid 6581/8580 inspired multimode filter (Low pass, High pass, Band Pass, Notch)
  • Dual therapSid style LFO with up to 48 connections that can be made a a push of a button
  • 50 Preset memory with wild random preset generator
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel case
  • Hardware MIDI via included 3.5mm >Din5 cable
  • USB Powered (can be battery powered with a USB battery brick)
  • 185mm x95mm x30mm
  • *can’t be done on a real SID
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