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The TruGlide promises to fix your guitar tuning issues

dB Instrument Amp TruGlide
(Image credit: dB Instrument Amp)

A three-by-three headstock looks the business, but it can result in tuning problems, owing to the fact the four centre strings pull sideways at the back of the nut; fortunately, dB Instrument Amp reckons it finally has the solution with the TruGlide.

The electric and acoustic guitar tuning stabiliser aims to support the bottom of the string then guide it to the tuners using a low-friction curved surface, allowing the strings to move freely and more easily return to pitch.

Aside from increasing the precision of the guitar’s tuners, the TruGlide has the added bonus of dampening ringing strings above the nut.

It certainly looks like a worthwhile purchase for Les Paul players struggling with that pesky G string - the TruGlide is available now for $19.95 from Db Instrument Amp.

For more tips on keeping your electric guitar in tune, take a look at our handy guide.

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