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The Tone Bender Mk II fuzz pedal is back as the  Waza Craft TB-2W

We love it when a classic vintage pedal is made accessible for more players; and we've got Boss to thank for the Tone Bender fuzz pedal's resurrection as a new addition to its premium Waza Craft range. Now available to preorder.

The company worked with Tone Bender creator Sola Sound for the Japan-made Waza Craft TB-2W and its typeface and finish reflects the original.


(Image credit: Boss)

Boss's blueprint reference was a “masterpiece” Tone Bender MK II (serial number 500) from Sola Sound’s own archive. The Waza Craft recreation will be available in Spring in a limited production run, each TB-2W pedal featuring rare germanium transistors.


(Image credit: Boss)

The pedal features a a three-way voltage selector, selectable true/buffered bypass operation, and a "refined" circuit design for consistency. 

All this authenticity and upgrade comes at a price though: $349.99, to be precise. 

And if you're after more Jimmy Page-esque Tone Bender thrills, we'd advise checking out our review of the SolidGoldFX Communication Breakdown that features two circuits inspired by Tone Bender circuits. 

There's also the newly-released innovative Germanium Fuzz from Benson amps too. 

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