The Spruce Goose is Electro-Harmonix's take on the Bluesbreaker overdrive pedal – but this one goes to 11

Electro-Harmonix Spruce Goose pedal
(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

Now the Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive pedal is back, we don't need another one. So the Electro-Harmonix Nano-sized Spruce Goose is aiming to take that bluesprint (see what we did there?) and add more output, an active bass circuit, and two extra levels of input gain vis a Lift switch. Sounds versatile.

And the demo proves it – with the company's Tom Burda delivering another great showcase of the range this can cover. The company has form with the Crayon, Klon-style Soul Food and Tube Screamer-influenced East River Drive and this could be another go-to at $129. 


The true-bypass Goose features a soft footswitch with selectable latching/momentary functionality. "Tap the footswitch for normal latch switching function or press and hold for momentary blasts of boost and OD," says EHX. 

More info at Electro-Harmonix

Rob Laing
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