The Revivalists' Ed Williams: why I love my… lap and pedal steel guitars

We recently heard from The Revivalists' Zack Feinberg about his trusty Guild Starfire electric guitar but bandmate Ed Williams has something different to show and play for us – two things, in fact. 

His lap and pedal steel sounds are a big part of the New Orleans' roots rock outfit's sound and here he shows us the two that he takes on the road with him – including the S10 Fessenden 'Purple Prince' that's been out on tour with him for six years. 

Hear it in all its onstage glory with a stunning solo from Ed in the live clip below. 

Ed's other mainstay is a copper seven-string lap steel with Bare Knuckle True Grit humbucker pickups. And unlike the Purple Prince,  It enables him to move around and play onstage. 

"Between these two things you can basically get any sound you need as a steel player," says Ed. 

For more on The Revivalists check out, YouTube channel and Instagram. The band's Made In Muscle Shoals live album is out now. 

The Revivalists' frontman David Shaw has also recently released the singles Shaken and Promised Land from his forthcoming debut solo album, due out in 2021 on Yokoko Records/C3 Records. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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