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The Record Company’s Chris Vos on his lap steel-style slide guitar technique: “It certainly gets people’s attention”

Grammy-nominated American blues-rockers The Record Company have a brooding, soul-infused take on rock and roll that’s utterly authentic, but it’s frontman Chris Vos’s individualistic approach to guitar playing that really turns heads at the band’s live shows.

Vos flips his acoustic so the soundhole faces up, enabling him to perform lap steel-style slides across the fretboard, and during a tour stop in London, he shared the story and technique behind his novel approach with MusicRadar.

In the video above, Vos demonstrates how the setup enables his ‘violent’ playing style in open G tuning [GGDGBD], as well as showing off his 1957 Fender Champ lap steel and explaining why there’s no wrong way to play guitar.

The Record Company’s new album All Of This Life is out now via Snakefarm Records.

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