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The new Strymon Conduit offers smart control for your effects pedals

Strymon are at the forefront of the effects pedal (opens in new tab) market, and the Conduit underlines a trailblazing approach to make your pedalboard (opens in new tab) work harder so you don't have to. Designed for MIDI-capable pedals (so definitely not the new UAFX (opens in new tab) trio of effects) it allows presets to be built for songs using all your pedals and changes to be sent to the pedals on your 'board.


(Image credit: Strymon )

Conduit can also be used as a USB MIDI interface and if the four TRS jacks aren't enough for your pedal needs, you can also link Conduits together.

You can automate pedal preset changes in a song's sequence too via computer. Just send MIDI control change messages from a sequencer for perfectly synced pedal parameter changes.  


(Image credit: Strymon)

The Strymon Conduit is $149. For more info visit Strymon  (opens in new tab)

Rob Laing
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