The Launcher is a “magic little box” that’s designed to give your standard dynamic mic a vintage sound

The Launcher
(Image credit: Soyuz)

Despite advances in software and hardware technology, a vintage microphone sound remains elusive for many of us. However, Soyuz thinks that with The Launcher, a “magic little box” that contains a “secret analogue circuit”, it’s come up with an affordable gateway to that classic tone you’ve been looking for.

The design is pretty simple: there’s an XLR input at one end and an XLR output at the other. Plug in your common-or-garden dynamic mic, run it through the custom transformer and aforementioned analogue circuit, and you’re promised a “kickass sound” to take into your audio interface.

The Launcher is designed to add character and colour and to be used both live and in the studio. Gain can be boosted up by 26dB and we’re told that you can lower the amount of audible noise in your signal chain.

To support its claims, Soyuz has posted audio examples of a recording made with a Shure SM57 mic. One features The Launcher in the signal chain; the other doesn’t. 

You can take a listen on the Soyuz website, where The Launcher can be pre-ordered now for $199.

The Launcher

(Image credit: Soyuz)
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