The GigRig raises the bar on effects pedal switching systems with the G3

The GigRig G2 has been an industry leader for effects pedal switching systems since its launch in 2013. It's used on the pedalboards and racks of artists including Radiohead, Noel Gallagher, Guthrie Govan, Graham Coxon and Devin Townsend – so how did the company's founder Daniel Steinhardt manage to top it with the new G3? In quite a few ways it seems…

There's four units that form the new G3 range: G3, G3 Atom, G3 Hub and the G3 Extension Kit. 

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The G3 G3 has 12 programmable true-bypass mono effects loops and players can group them for up to 6 stereo effects.

There's up to 99 banks of presets: fully programmed effects combinations with one-touch switching control for multiple changes and/or stompbox mode for turning single pedals on and off.

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G3 Atom has six programmable-true bypass effects loops, each of which can be mono, or stereo via TRS jacks.

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While the G3 can operate as a means of combining your pedal sounds in a much easier way, the switchers also offer great features for guitarists and bassists who use multiple amps with full stereo and built-in wet/dry signal splitting so players can send different effects combinations to different amps. 

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The G3 also offers true stereo delay and reverb spillover, from your analogue effects pedals too. 

The G3 iOS app also offers Bluetooth connectivity for software updates and system backups. You can also store and edit your setlists of pedal settings and beam directly to the G3.

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Power up

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The new G3 Extension Kit is designed for players who want their pedalboard behind the amp or in a rack off-stage while being controlled by a floor-controller on the stage.

The G3 Hub is an extension kit allowing up to six floor-controllers all connected and all in sync. It's for use exclusively with G3 and will fit a a 2U rack space. It is designed so that a guitar tech off-stage has control alongside the artist on-stage. 

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Available to preorder now with availability expected December 2020, the G3 Switching System is £1,095.  The G3 Atom will be available in November and is £799.

The G3 Extension Kit is £TBC and expected availability is January 2021. The G3 Hub (£TBC) is expected in March/April 2021. 

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