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Teen creates website that lets you choose your own song lyrics for hand-washing poster

Washing hands
(Image credit: DIRK WAEM/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

In an inspired move, British teenager William Gibson has created a website, Wash Your Lyrics, that enables you to generate your own personal coronavirus-busting hand-washing poster that features your favourite song lyrics. 

Noting the advice to sing two verses of Happy Birthday while washing your hands to ensure that they’re thoroughly clean - you’re supposed to do it for 20 seconds - Gibson decided to offer people a wider choice of musical material by creating a not-for-profit website that simply requires you to input an artist and song title.

It’s a genius idea and one that, appropriately enough, has gone viral, with Rage Against The Machine sharing a Killing In The Name poster on Twitter:

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You can make your own poster on the Wash Your Lyrics website. Whichever song you go for, just be sure to choose the clean version, obviously...