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XILS-Lab announces XILS Vocoder 5000 plugin

Back once again with the XILS behaviour.
Back once again with the XILS behaviour.

XILS-Lab has taken the wraps off its latest emulation - a plugin version of a classic analogue vocoder that goes by the name of XILS Vocoder 5000.

Given its interface design and the fact that XILS-Lab has emulated various EMS products in the past, we're assuming that what we're looking at is a software version of said company's Vocoder 5000. It's said to offer an organic and realistic sound, a frequency bands pin matrix, hundreds of MIDI-automatable parameters and more.

Pricing is still to be confirmed, but we do know what XILS Vocoder 5000 is scheduled for release on 17 December via the XILS-Lab website.