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What Blue Monday would sound like if it was released in the '30s

A future classic that was before its time?
A future classic that was before its time?

Orkestra Obsolete via BBC Arts have celebrated New Order's Blue Monday with a reimagining of the 1983 classic, as if it was created 50 years earlier using only instruments available at the time.

In this video we see a mysterious collection of musicians known only as Orkestra Obsolete, led by three snappily-dressed gents in tailcoats and Zorro masks.

New Order's seminal track is faithfully recreated with a whole host of instruments including a Theremin, Zither, Harmonium, Hammered dulcimer, Diddley bow and more, showing that some tunes will always sound good no matter what you use.

We just hope to see this curious musical group again covering some more '80s tunes soon.