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Website plays white noise. And that’s it

White noise looks something like this.
White noise looks something like this.

You can now listen to streamed music all over the internet, but a new website called is offering a rather different aural experience. This plays a continuous feed of white noise - and nothing else.

The prospect of listening to such a cacophonous feed might not be one that appeals to you, but the website's developers say that there are several reasons that you might choose to plug yourself in. White noise can aid sleep, enhance privacy, block distractions, mask tinnitus and soothe migraines, apparently.

A single slider on the site enables you to find your comfort zone, and after spending some time with the cans on, MusicRadar did begin to experience a certain sense of calm. And we certainly didn't get that from the last Portishead album.

(via Synthtopia)