Watch Marc JB build a track from scratch in his campervan studio

A few months ago, London-based producer Marc JB - of future disco outfit Bimbo Jones - approached us with a proposition. Having recently bought himself a campervan, Marc had set in motion the process of realising his personal dream of creating an entirely portable recording studio; one which could be driven anywhere, run off of the campervan's power, and allow him to create fully realised tracks on the move.

With his portable, Cubase-centred set-up coming together, Marc offered to set himself the challenge of building an ambient house track from scratch in front of our cameras, while parked by the beach near Botany Bay in Kent. The idea was to get a recording of the ocean - captured via a two-mic iPad recording set-up - take that back to the camper, and use it as the basis of a tune.

Never ones to pass on something a bit different - or, for that matter, a day out at the beach - we took Marc up on his offer. Watch the video above to find out how he got on.

For more on Marc JB's campervan studio project, check out Future Music issue 303 (April 2016) which is on sale now.

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