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Want a Korg littleBits LFO? Then vote!

This demo video features Korg analog boffin Tasuya Takahashi running through the capabilities of a mooted LFO module for the dinky, lovable littleBits synth kit range.

"The LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator module was designed alongside the littleBits Synth Kit," says Tasuya, "but didn't make it into the final kit configuration. We thought we would see if people would be interested in it, and thus have submitted it here to the bitLab!"

The bitLab in question is Korg's online holding bay for proposed additions to the range, and you can get involved by commenting and voting on the LFO bitLab page itself.

If the LFO does go into production it will put the following capabilities at littleBits fans' fingertips.

  • Rate/Frequency knob (speed of oscillation)
  • Waveshape control knob (change the duty cycle of a pulse wave or morph a sawtooth to triangle to ramp waveform)
  • Waveform selection switch (select triangle/saw or pulse waveform)