Vocalizr brings producers and vocalists together

Could Vocalizr help you to find your perfect singer?
Could Vocalizr help you to find your perfect singer?

The world is full of microphone-shy music producers, but the fact is that having a vocal on your track can massively increase its commercial potential.

Fortunately, finding a singer has just got a whole lot easier thanks to the arrival of Vocalizr, a new online service that enables you to seek out and recruit vocalists from around the world.

Designed to be safe, secure and easy to use, Vocalizr is a two-way talent discovery marketplace that includes an online collaborative workspace. The aim is to bridge the gap between producers and vocalists, bringing them together to work on projects - known on Vocalizr as Gigs.

If a public Gig is set up, all users of the site can bid to get it. If the Gig is private, only those who are invited can bid. There are also Contests: in this case, the creator can upload a track and users can demonstrate their vocal talents over the top of it.

You can sign up to Vocalizr for free, with fees being payable once a Gig has been completed. With Contests, you can pay upfront to show vocalists you're serious, or once has work has been completed. Vocalizr says that it's already paid out over $60,000 USD to vocalists since its launch, so if you're a singer, there could be money to be made here.

Find out more and sign up today on the Vocalizr website.