VividTracker brings ProTracker compatible music making to iOS

VividTracker is a new tracker-style music making app for iPhone and iPad with the ability to load, save, edit and create Amiga ProTracker modules.

The app is Audiobus and Audiocopy compatible, and features its own sample editor. The app also features an AutoChord feature, which allows users to auto-transpose one track into another in a different key.

Additionally, VividTracker allows modules to be opened directly from other apps (such as Mail or Safari), features Dropbox sync and is MIDI compatible.

Check out the video above for an overview. You can buy VividTracker from the App Store now priced at £1.99/$2.99.

Si Truss

I'm Editor-in-Chief of Music Technology, working with Future Music, Computer Music, Electronic Musician and MusicRadar. I've been messing around with music tech in various forms for over two decades. I've also spent the last 10 years forgetting how to play guitar. Find me in the chillout room at raves complaining that it's past my bedtime.