VirSyn unveils Prism pitch designer

Will Prism really break the mould?
Will Prism really break the mould?

VirSyn has revealed that it's working on a Mac and PC plug-in called Prism. Said to offer 'something new', it's billed as a pitch designer.

The company is comparing Prism to a multi-band filter. However, rather than enabling you to adjust the audio level of each band, in this case it's the bands' pitches that can be individually tweaked - by up to six octaves and in real-time.

You can hear Prism at work on the VirSyn website. Audio examples include the pitch of a bass drum being adjusted independently of other material in a loop, and the plug-in being used creatively to totally change the sound of a complete groove.

No news yet on when Prism will be released or how much it'll cost, though VirSyn has said that if you buy its Take Five FX bundle before July 31 2008 (that'll be tomorrow, then) you'll be entitled to a free copy. We'll bring you more details as we get them.

Ben Rogerson

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