Twinned MP3 Player: for lovers

Fighting already
Fighting already?

Here's a concept we don't see everyday: an MP3 player designed for two people inspired by mitosis. Like a cell separating into two identical sets, the Twinned MP3 Player breaks into two units, but play exactly the same music at exactly the same time.

Both units run from the same playlist, and both players must be docked to update it. One is incapable of functioning without the other, like star-crossed lovers, if you will.

It's actually quite a nice concept, if completely unusable. Lovers will agree to disagree on most things, but can anyone honestly say they share identical music tastes with their partner?

If you answered 'yes' to the last question, the Twinned MP3 Player is still just a concept, so keep dreaming…

Twinned mp3 player

Twinned mp3 player

(Via: Gizmodo)