Turn your iPad into a 'multimorphic sound processor' with Moebius Lab

More than just a multi-effect app, Amazing Noises' Moebius Lab is billed as a multimorphic sound processor that comes with its own built-in synth and sample player and can also host up to seven Inter App Audio effects/instruments.

That's before you even get to the effects, of course: there are nine of the 'time domain' variety, and six spectral processors. The interface is divided up horizontally into three main areas, with your sound source at the top, the time domain effects chain in the middle, and the spectral effects chain at the bottom.

The effects chains are connected in what Amazing Noises describes as a Moebius Ring, which makes it possible to route the signal from one to the other.

Find out more in the video above and on the Amazing Noises website. Moebius Ring is available now for the iPad on the Apple App Store priced at £9.99/$12.99.

Ben Rogerson

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