Turn your burnt CDs into vinyl (sort of)

Gotta love the gatefold.
Gotta love the gatefold.

It's all very well burning your loved one a mix CD for Christmas, but who wants to receive an ugly CD-R with 'My Fave Choons' scrawled on it in their stocking?

If you want to make your discs look a little more appealing, you could try the new Vintage Vinyl CD Packaging Kit, which enables you to make your CDs look like vintage 45s.

The kit contains 25 CD labels in five designs, plus 25 CD sleeves with dozens of stickers. The overall effect is so convincing that the people who receive your CDs will try and put a stylus on them (probably).

The Vintage Vinyl CD Packaging Kit costs $17. Just be sure to make your mixes sound as good as they look.

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets)