Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer

Another new product from the synth legend
Another new product from the synth legend

Tom Oberheim lists the original Two Voice as the favourite of the synths he's designed and now a new version has appeared with a few tasty extra features.

It's still the analogue beast you remember from the '70s but Tom's upgrades and tweaks give you even more from the mighty Two Voice. Details below and more on the Tom Oberheim website.

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro feature list

  • Mini-Sequencer is enhanced - you still generate a sequence with the knobs ( up to 16 positions ) but you can store sequences from the knobs into flash memory (up to 99 sequences stored)
  • Two sequences can be played simultaneously (or play one sequence while also playing on the keyboard, like the old one)
  • After sequences are stored in flash memory, you can edit them to add 2-way, 3-way or 4-way ratcheting and you can program the gate length from zero (like a rest) up to almost the complete step length
  • Sequences can be chained into songs, and each step in a song can be programmed for sequence number, transpose amount and number of repeats
  • Sequencer syncs to Midi Clock
  • Keyboard outputs velocity and pressure
  • Each module (both SEMs, Mini-Sequencer, Keyboard Control) has mini-jack patch points (over 50 patchpoints)
  • Pitch and Modulation wheels
  • Pan pots
  • Headphone output
  • Separate Vibrato LFO

The U.S. price of the new Two Voice Pro is $3495