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Get everything you need to be a Logic Pro! This special edition from the experts behind Future Music has got the whole process covered, from creating your first tracks in Logic to the final mixdown, mastering and beyond.

Go pro with 148 pages of power tips complete with video and audio examples to download!

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  • New to Logic? Get to know its look, feel and features with our introductory guide
  • Master Logic's range of synths, samplers and instruments with our comprehensive guides
  • Unleash the power of Logic's range of effects, from sound design to the final mixdown
  • Explore the power of Drummer and Drum Kit Designer, and learn to create better beats in Logic
  • Explore the highlights of Logic's latest update, and how to use each in your projects
  • Get pro-quality vocals in ProX. We show you how to record, comp and mix for great results
  • Unlock the potential of parallel processing, and learn how to use it in your Logic projects
  • Become a Logic power user. Explore the deep, advanced features of Apple's DAW
  • Discover the secrets of the dark art of mastering and create pro-quality tracks at home
  • You've mastered Logic, so where next? Expand your set-up with our expert buying guide...
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