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The Red 4Pre is Focusrite's best audio interface yet

Are you Red-y?
Are you Red-y?

Focusrite has created what could be the mother of all audio interfaces, the Red 4Pre. 

The interface features 58 ins and 64 outs and comes with specially-developed digitally-controlled mic preamps. This new top-of-the-range model also boasts high-headroom instrument inputs, and dual Thunderbolt 2, dual Pro Tools HD DigiLink and Dante network audio connectivity.

The Red 4Pre includes Focusrite's "cleanest mic preamps, best-sounding converters and a build quality that harks back to the original Red series".

When it comes to audio conversion, we're promised an optimal combination of sound quality, noise floor, dynamic range and conversion latency thanks to the 'Parallel path' dual converter configuration that enables you to work at a maximum quality of 24-bit/192kHz.

The Red 4Pre will be available in stores around mid-April for £2100/$2500/€2700. For more information, head on over to the Focusrite website.