The new MAGIX Music Maker Premium lets anyone produce like a pro

MAGIX Music Maker Premium gives you all the tools you need to create great music.
MAGIX Music Maker Premium gives you all the tools you need to create great music.

Choosing your first piece of music software can be tricky. You want an app that's approachable and easy to use, certainly - something that can't be said of all DAWs - but it also needs to let you produce tunes that sound like they could have come out of a pro studio rather than your bedroom.

MAGIX's Music Maker has been ticking these boxes for Windows users for years, enabling anyone with creative ambition to turn their musical ideas into reality. Whether you're a complete newcomer or maybe a DJ who wants to start creating their own music, this software gives you all the tools you need in an intuitive, flexible, fast and fun package.

The latest Premium version of the software comes with a range of high-end features, including a loop-based Live Pad mode. An 8,000 strong library of sounds and loops is supplied, as well as 12 virtual instruments. You even get Orange Vocoder ME, a limited edition version of Zynaptiq's plugin.

That's not the end of the good news, either: MAGIX Music Maker enables you to work with as many tracks as your computer can handle, and is compatible with the latest VST3 plugins. You can make use of zplane's state-of-the-art time stretching and pitch shifting algorithm, and everything is wrapped up in an optimised colour-coded interface with a dedicated Media Pool.

So, if you want an inspiring piece of music software that won't leave you scratching your head, look no further than MAGIX Music Maker Premium. Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10, you can find out more on the MAGIX website.