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The Hartmann 20 synth will cost 20k and only 40 will be made

Get your order in quick, before they go.
Get your order in quick, before they go.

The Hartmann 20 is about to go into production and looks to start shipping by the end of June 2016.

We first had word of Alex Hartmann's new project last year. Finally, his vision has been realised in a limited run synthesizer that will set you back €20,000. More pictures surfaced early this year of a raw milled-aluminum bodied synth that certainly looked rather eye-catching.

The synth is built around StudioLogic's Waldorf-derived Sledge engine and will feature an all-black Fatar keybed with aftertouch. A total of 40 units will be released - 20 black and 20 silver-finished models - hopefully by the end of this month.

More information on the Hartmann 20 can be found on the 20 Electronics Facebook page.