The Chemical Brothers want you to make their video

Brotherhood a new Chemical Brothers best of will be released on September 1
Brotherhood, a new Chemical Brothers 'best of', will be released on September 1.

The Chemical Brothers are the latest band to ask their fans to create a video for them. The duo's new single is called Midnight Madness, and they want people to create a promo for it using the power of Google Earth.

The Superstar DJs' idea is that you take the theme of Midnight Madness as your starting point - thinking about "the odd things that people get up to" at that hour - then create a film clip of between two and 20 seconds (or alternatively, take a photograph) and upload it to Google Earth via The Chemical Brothers' website. You can then tag it to its exact global location.

The best clips will be edited together to create the official Midnight Madness video, while all material submitted will be available shown on Google Earth via The Chemical Brothers' website.

You have until August 25 to submit your material; Midnight Madness will be available as a download from August 18. Brotherhood, the new Chemical Brothers 'best of' album, is released on September 1.