Squarepusher previews new album, Just A Souvenir

Squarepusher s new album will be his first in two years
Squarepusher's new album will be his first in two years.

Squarepusher (AKA Tom Jenkinson) has announced that he'll release a new album called Just A Souvenir on October 27. This will be his first full-length set since 2006's Hello Everything.

If you want to get a taste of the new record's flavour, check out the Warp Records MySpace page where you'll find a stream of Delta -v, a typically beat- and bass-heavy new track.

The full tracklisting of Just A Souvenir is as follows:

1. Star Time 2
2. The Coathanger
3. Open Society
4. A Real Woman
5. Delta -v
6. Aqueduct
7. Potential Govaner
8. Planet Gear
9. Tensor In Green
10. The Glass Road
11. Fluxgate
12. Duotone Moonbeam
13. Quadrature
14. Yes - Sequitur

The album will be supported by UK live dates in December.