Sonnox promises the next step in envelope shaping with Envolution plugin

Judging by its name, you might think that Sonnox would be billing its new Oxford Envolution plugin as a revolutionary envelope shaper, but with a welcome absence of bombast, the developer is actually saying that it represents an evolutionary step forward.

Envolution is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper that can be used on individual tracks, buses and master outputs, and gives you independent control of transients and sustain. Tilt and Focus controls enable you to select where in the frequency spectrum the effect is applied, and the theory is that you can fully manipulate the audio's envelope and end up with creative and extreme results.

To give you some examples, boosting transients can add presence and punch, while reducing them can give 'perspective'. The Sustain section can be used to add ambience or create gating effects.

Discussing the plugin's launch, Sonnox's Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Nathan Eames said: "With such a wide range of potential users in so many audio sectors, from post, music to live sound, we're excited about the creative possibilities that Envolution will bring. In keeping with all Sonnox designs, we've kept three core values in mind throughout the development process of Envolution: ease of use, an intuitive interface and, most importantly, a great sound!"

You can purchase Oxford Envolution now in VST/AU/AAX formats for £170, while an AAX DSP version is also available for £275. Find out more on the Sonnox website, where you can download a demo.

Ben Rogerson

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