Sonic Faction releases Dope Matrix modular synth for Ableton Live

Developer Sonic Faction has released Dope Matrix, a virtual modular synth for Ableton Live 9.1.

The synth features models of four 'famous' analogue oscillators - A-110, Plan B, Cwejman & Piston Honda - alongside 12 custom effects modules. Dope Matrix also comes packed with over 100 presets, which have been optimised for Live's browser.

Alongside the synth itself, Dope Matrix also comes with a Max For Live sequencer device, with mappings for Push, APC40 and Launchpad. The device features a 64-step sequencer, chord generator, a patch control matrix and more.

Dope Matrix is out now priced at $40. It requires Live 9.1 to run and the sequencer requires Max For Live 6.1.5.

For full details head over to Sonic Faction, or check out an introductory tutorial in the video below.

Si Truss

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