Songs sampled by Massive Attack compiled, released

Massive Attack
Massive Attack

In 2007, Rapster Records brought us Discovered: a collection of songs sampled by Daft Punk. Next month it's Protected, which (as you might have guessed) is a collection of songs sampled by Massive Attack.

Protected: Massive Samples is available on 26 January (UK) and features a rather surprising 'funky' line-up including James Brown, Isaac Hayes and Chaka Khan. Who'd have thought it…

Massive attack protected samples

Massive attack protected samples

Protected: Massive Samples tracklisting

1. Mambo - Wally Badarou
2. Mellow Mellow - Lowrell
3. Be Thankful For What You've Got - William De Vaughn
4. I'm Glad You're Mine - Al Green
5. Never Can Say Goodbye - James Brown
6. Ike's Mood - Isaac Hayes
7. Stratus - Billy Cobham
8. Five Man Army Dub - Lewin 'Bones' Lock
9. Man Next Door - John Holt
10. Rock Creek Park - Blackbyrds (The)
11. It's Time For Love - Pieces Of A Dream
12. Any Love - Rufus And Chaka Khan

You can sample a few samples from the sampled collection, here.

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