Sinevibes releases Torsion hybrid synth

Torsion: ready to twist your sound in a new direction?
Torsion: ready to twist your sound in a new direction?

Sinevibes' synths all share a distinctive look, and the company believes that Torsion, its new release, has a pretty distinctive and original sound, too.

Superficially similar in structure to a common or garden subtractive synth, Torsion differs in that its three oscillators produce additive waves based on just a few partials. You can then add new spectral content using a technique called waveshape modelling.

Other features include a ring modulator and an audio-range oscillator for filter FM, plus four separate LFOs, two AHDSR envelope generators and a two-dimensional 'chaos oscillator' for wide-ranging modulation possibilities.

Specs below - you'll find audio examples on the Sinevibes website. Torsion costs $49 and a demo version is available.

Sinevibes Torsion specs

  • Three oscillators each with four basic additive waveforms and four waveshape models
  • 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass filter
  • 12 dB/octave high-pass filter
  • Ring modulator
  • Modulation oscillator for low-pass filter FM
  • Four tempo-synchronised LFO generators with four waveforms and per-cycle randomisation
  • Two AHDSR envelope generators
  • Two-dimensional chaos modulation generator based on Lorenz attractor
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