Sensel Morph can be any multitouch control surface you want it to be

Sensel is seeking funding for Morph, which it describes as a pressure-sensitive, multitouch input device. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, but the Big Idea here is that the control surface is completely customisable, so you can turn it into anything you like.

You do this by adding an overlay: piano keyboard and music production controller options have already been developed, and a drag-n-drop application will enable you to design your own ready for 3D printing.

Morph is said to work out of the box with a range of applications, and connects to your computer via USB, your iPad via Bluetooth, or your Arduino setup via developer cables. It promises a high dynamic range of force sensitivity, being capable of detecting everything from paintbrush strokes to the thwack of a drumstick.

Find out more on the Sensel Morph Kickstarter page. The original funding target has already been reached, and many of the Pledge options have gone, but you can still sign up for the $249 deal that gets you a Morph and three overlays of your choice.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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