Roni Size says one more Reprazent album

Size matters: Drum 'n' bass is still relevant, says Roni.
Size matters: Drum 'n' bass is still relevant, says Roni.

Drum 'n' bass legend Roni Size has said that there will be a new Reprazent album, but that it'll be their last.

The collective, who shot to fame when they won the 1997 Mercury Music Prize, have been touring this year, and their leader has told BBC 6 Music that another Reprazent long player is in the advanced stages of production.

"What we're currently doing is letting people know that, we're here, we're back, we've got the live show," says Size. "It's good energy, high energy and we're currently in the studio trying to put the finishing touches to the final record."

Drum 'n' bass might not be the commercial force it once was, but Size can see its influence in the music of today, and believes in its legacy.

"I think more now than ever the scene has become very commercial now. You have a lot of artists crossing over on a regular basis now and you can hear drum 'n' bass music really now starting to kick-in in indie music and all different forms of music. It's no longer a new thing it's accepted now, it has stood the test of time."

Size has also revealed that drum 'n' bass is big in Eastern Europe: "Places like Estonia, Serbia, definitely places like Slovakia, Prague… that's where it's going off right now."

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