Roland TR-808 drum machine reborn as DIY kit YOCTO

Those of you who miss the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine may be cheered to find out that the analogue part of the classic drum machine has been revamped as a DIY clone known as the YOCTO.

The reproduction comes courtesy of E-licktronic, which says it represents an exact reproduction, with a modern sequencer and additional features included. These include the ability to mute each instrument, a roll mode, and the ability to store up to 256 patterns.

Says E-licktronic: "The only difference compared to the TR-808 is the BA662, VCA Clap has been replaced by the modern equivalent BA6110."

The YOCTO is a build-it-yourself model, and ships with all the necessary components to assemble. The clone costs €379,00 and is out now.

For more info, visit E-licktronic.