Roland release SYSTEM-100 for VST, AU and PLUG-OUT

Originally released in 1975, the Roland SYSTEM-100 semi-modular monosynth is now available in VST, AU and PLUG-OUT formats.

While multiple instances of the SYSTEM-100 plug-in can be used in any VST or AU compatible DAW, the SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT soft synth will also operate with the SYSTEM-1 and SYSTEM-1m hardware.

Owners of the 1m will benefit from knob-per-function hardware control and the semi-modular patching capabilities of the 100.

Features include:

  • Perfect replica of SYSTEM-100 sound and behavior
  • Analogue Circuit Behaviour technology provides the expansive, liquid tone of the original
  • Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander in a single instrument
  • Sophisticated architecture with dual VCO, dual LFO, S&H, Ring Mod, Noise and more
  • Versatile semi-modular patching capabilities
  • Integrated Phaser with modulation inputs, Reverb and Delay
  • Advanced arpeggiator with Scatter capabilities
  • VST, AU and PLUG-OUT compatible

The SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT soft synth is available to buy for €175 from the Roland website now.

Simon Arblaster
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