Reason 4 gets Morphine injection

AudioWarrior wants to help you beef up your Reason sound palette
AudioWarrior wants to help you beef-up your Reason sound palette.

AudioWarrior has released what looks like a wide-ranging 'workhorse' ReFill for Reason 4. Morphine L7 contains REX grooves and NN-XT sampler patches and covers several stylistic bases.

The REX loop collection includes looped phrases, kicks, snares, percussion and basslines. The sampled instrument selection, meanwhile, features grand and electric pianos, analogue synths, acoustic and electronic drum kits, and 'real' and synthetic basses.

The sound palette is said to be suitable for those who work in electronic, acid, trance, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop and R&B genres.

Compatible with Mac and PC versions of Reason 4, Morphine L7 can be downloaded or bought on CD for $49. Get it at the AudioWarrior website.