Radius 1000 is CD and computer DJing solution

Radius 1000: use it on its own or with a computer.
Radius 1000: use it on its own or with a computer.

Rather than pitching its tent in either the computer- or CD-based DJing camp, American Audio has laid a peg in both with the Radius 1000. This is a CD player that can also be used to control digital audio files that are stored on your computer.

Predictably enough, the device hooks up to your Mac or PC via USB, and is said to be compatible with the likes of Native Instruments' Traktor and Serato Scratch. There are various controls onboard, including a multi-function jog wheel that can be used for navigation and scratching.

If you're using it standalone, the Radius 1000 can play either standard or MP3 CDs (you can also play a CD and control your software at the same time). There are nine built-in effects, too.

"To sum it up, the Radius 1000 allows you to play, scratch and remix your favourite CDs and MP3 discs, and also control your favourite MIDI software," says American Audio's National Sales Manager Tom Freret. "It's really an all-in-one deck for today's digital musicians, giving them the option of using discs or a computer — or both."

The Radius 1000 is available now priced at $600. Detailed specs are available on the American Audio website.