Propellerhead unveils the PX7 FM synth

Propellerhead Software has released the PX7 - a six operator FM synth for Reason based on Yamaha's classic DX7.

Propellerhead claims the new synth builds upon the DX7's much-loved sound with "an easier interface, macro controls for quick and powerful tweaking of sounds, stereo spread, and full integration with the Reason rack."

Along with a host of new presets for the PX7, Propellerhead has included an assortment of original DX7 patches with the synth and is even hosting an online patch converter, allowing access to tens of thousands of existing DX7 presets.

The PX7 is available to try or buy now from the Reason Rack Extension store, priced at 79€.

PX7 features:

  • Six operator classic FM synthesis for the Reason rack
  • 32 selectable algorithms
  • Advanced envelope generator
  • Includes tons of classic and vintage presets, ranging from 80's bass to keys and brass
  • Comes with a set of new, exclusive patches for modern music productions
  • PX7 does not require a full understanding of FM synthesis—the macro controls make tweaking sounds fast, easy and fun.
  • Propellerhead's online patch converter lets you convert any Yamaha DX7 patch to PX7 format.
  • CV control of operator levels lets you apply modulation from any device in the Reason rack.
  • Combine two PX7 synths with the Combinator to easily create layered sounds that never was possible with the hardware it's based on
Si Truss

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