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Polish your music with the VariSaturator

Voxengo has all your saturation requirements covered.
Voxengo has all your saturation requirements covered.

Ever wanted to increase the loudness of your tracks or make them sound a bit more polished? If so, you may wish to consider investing in Voxengo´s VariSaturator plug-in, which is said to be capable of performing both of these tasks and more.

VariSaturator features two saturation modules - valve and digital waveshaping - that are applied in sequence. It´s said to be suitable for use on drum, bass and vocal tracks, over sub-mixes and on complete mixes.

Although Voxengo has confidence in the plug-in´s performance, it does say that it´s best used in partnership with a brick-wall limiter when you´re applying it to a full mix, and that it “may damage the original sonic qualities of the audio material if used incautiously”. So go easy, OK?

Running on Mac and PC, VariSaturator supports the VST and Audio Units plug-in standards. It´s available now, and will be sold at $55.96 for a month - a saving of 20% on the full price.

Further details are available on the Voxengo website.