Nura headphones are designed to match their sound to your ears

Based on the idea that we all hear differently, the new Nura headphones are designed to match themselves to your ears to deliver a better listening experience.

To achieve this, you first need to go through the calibration process, which simply involves you sitting and listening for 30 seconds. No user interaction is required, apparently.

The headphones then adapt themselves to your ears and a unique profile is stored. This is automatically dialled in every time you put the Nura cans on in the future.

Notable physical features of the headphones include double speaker drivers for deep bass and clarity, and silent operation (noise from outside is cancelled and your music won't be audible to others).

If this technology works (watch the video below for an explanation of the science behind it) it could have the potential to change the way that headphones are designed in the future. Connection to your device is by USB or Lightning cable.

You can find out more and back the project on the Nura Kickstarter, where it's already smashed through its $100,000 funding target. All the super early bird options have been taken up, but a few early bird options, which will get you a set of Nura headphones for $199, are still available. The regular price will be $399.

Ben Rogerson

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