Now LANDR lets you master your SoundCloud uploads automatically... for free

As easy as that...
As easy as that...

Already this year we've seen it integrated into a DAW and optimised for DJs, and now LANDR is making its automatic mastering service available for free to anyone who uploads music to SoundCloud.

Once you've linked your SoundCloud account, all you need to do is share your track from LANDR and it'll appear on SoundCloud in its mastered form. This could be great news for anyone who wants to quickly get a piece of music 'out there' but also wants it to sound relatively polished.

"LANDR's mission has always been to make pro-level sound quality accessible to everyone," commented LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon. "SoundCloud, with its large community of music creators, is a perfect partner to help us accomplish our goal. As a SoundCloud user myself, I'm also pretty excited to have the opportunity to listen to my favourite artists consistently at their fullest potential, leveraging LANDR's ability to make their mix richer and warmer without compromising the original feel of their creation."

"Creators are at the forefront of everything we do at SoundCloud," said Matt Fenby Taylor, Vice President, Creators Product & Content Operations, SoundCloud. "LANDR has created a great tool which allows anyone to achieve professional quality sound. We're excited to partner with them to bring this easy-to-use, cost-free solution to our community of creators, enabling them to enhance the music they upload to SoundCloud."

You can find out more and get started on the LANDR website.

Ben Rogerson

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