Novation Launch Control devices now work standalone with your hardware

If you've been itching to use Novation's Launch Control devices with your hardware but haven't fancied involving a computer simply for the purpose of transferring MIDI data. we have good news.

Thanks to a recent firmware update, both the Launch Control and Launch Control XL can now be used to control your hardware without the need for a Mac or PC. The only stipulation is that you'll need a USB host-to-MIDI converter - Novation mentions the Kenton MIDI USB Host or iConnectMIDI 4+ - to provide full MIDI implementation with standard 5-pin DIN connection.

Check out the video above, which features CALC using the Launch Control XL and Kenton MIDI USB Host to control his the Elektron Octatrack, to get an idea of the kind of possibilities that this update opens up. If you want to go computer free, the free software editor for Launch Control and Launch Control XL lets you program up to eight pages of parameter assignments and save them to your device.

It's also possible to use your Launch Control as a standalone Control Voltage sequencer for your modular synth, and turn your Launchpad into an 8-part step sequencer. Check out the video below to see Novation Brand Manager Nick De Friez taking you through the basics.

For more information, and to download the firmware update, head on over to the Novation website.

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