Noteput: next-gen music notation on a table

Well it beats a pen and paper.
Well it beats a pen and paper.

Traditional music notation has a reputation for being stuffy and old-fashioned, which is one of the reasons why many contemporary tunesmiths simply don't bother to learn it. The Noteput interactive music table, though, makes it 'tangibly' more interesting.

Developed by Jürgen Graef and Jonas Friedemann Heuer, this is a light-up, touch-sensitive table that features a stave. Place a treble clef onto this and you can then start adding physical notes - and hear them played back at the correct pitch.

The really clever bit is that all notes (crotchets, quavers, minims etc) are weighted slightly differently, so the table knows their values and plays back the note sequence with the correct timing. And because Noteput is MIDI compatible, you can use any sound you like.

Heuer reckons that Noteput could be a great learning tool, and we're inclined to agree (children in particular would surely love it). However, you'd need a lot of tables and a lot of notes to play back a full piece of music.

Check it out in the video above… and if, like we were, you're racking your brain to remember what the tune is that's played towards the end, think back to when you got your very first Nintendo Game Boy…

(Via Engadget)

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