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New synthesis method in Gladiator plug-in

Gladiator incorporates myriad methods of synthesis.
Gladiator incorporates myriad methods of synthesis.

We're used to hearing about new synths, but Tone2 is claiming that the launch of its Gladiator instrument heralds the arrival of a whole new type of synthesis.

This new method is known as Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM). The wide range of different waves can be modified in real-time, enabling you to alter their harmonic structure.

For even greater flexibility, each modified wave can then be modulated.

Another noteworthy feature of Gladiator is 'intelligent micro tuning'. With this engaged, notes that you play are detuned slightly to make the overall sound that little bit fatter.

You can tweak your patches further using the filters and effects. There are 40 different types of the former and 20 of the latter. A programmable arpeggiator is included too, as are a step LFO and trancegate

Tone2 claims that Gladiator can produce a wide range of different sounds - from classic analogue to science fiction tones - and its sample playback functionality means that it's expandable, too.

Available for PC now and Mac before Christmas, Gladiator supports the VST and AU plug-in formats. It costs $199/€149.

You can get further details and download a time-limited demo at the Tone2 website.