New Squarepusher album can be downloaded now

Squarepusher s new record is already available digitally
Squarepusher's new record is already available digitally.

Squarepusher's new album isn't officially being released until October 27, but fans who want to get it early can actually download it right now.

The record, Just A Souvenir, is available exclusively though online music store Bleep. It has to be purchased as a 'bundle' - the tracks can't be bought individually - and is being offering in DRM-free 320kbp/s MP3 and lossless FLAC formats. Both versions cost £6.99.

If you want to preview the album, clips of it are being streamed on the Squarepusher website.

As previously reported, Just a Souvenir was inspired by a bizarre daydream that Tom Jenkinson (the man who is Squarepusher) had earlier this year.