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Squarepusher discusses inspiration for new album

Squarepusher: tongue possibly in cheek.
Squarepusher: tongue possibly in cheek.

Squarepusher (AKA Tom Jenkinson) has been talking about the inspiration for his new album, Just a Souvenir, which will be released on Warp Records on October 27. Be warned, though, that what he's been saying might not make a great deal of sense.

"This album started as a daydream about watching a crazy, beautiful rock band play an ultra-gig," he told CMU Daily. "Upon the stage was a group composed of five musicians. They seemed to be of differing ages, some young, some old. I noticed that the drummer was an Eskimo."

Jenkinson goes on to 'explain' what these musicians were up to: "They played instruments either of their own design or conventional ones that were modified such that they could be used to generate a range of sounds not typically associated with a rock band.

"For instance, one of the musicians appeared to be using a device attached to the body of his classical guitar that allowed him to accelerate or decelerate time in his immediate vicinity. At a certain point he seemed to quickly reverse back to a couple of months ago."

Vulnerable skull

After witnessing this extraordinary musical happening, Tom reports that he felt compelled to produce a record.

"I was left with an urgent sense of responsibility that I do honour to this vision of a remarkable ensemble. My memory of it was the only souvenir, and I feared its vulnerability with only a skull to protect it. I ventured forth to the studio shortly after the New Year. I emerged on 15 Jul. This [Just a Souvenir] is the result".

One track from the album, Delta -v, is currently streaming on the Warp Records MySpace page. Based on the above description, we wouldn't dare to predict what the rest of the record will sound like.